Powerful tool for customer to find goods

E-Commerce search is a key interaction point for customers, and can make or break a shopping experience for them. If customers can’t find the information they’re looking for leave the shop unsatisfied.


  • Information updated hourly. For Enterprise package we offer real-time updates.
  • Results sorted based on search queries history for better relevancy.
  • Support of synonyms, abbreviations, special symbols for better query understanding. Example: speakers -> acoustics, & -> and.
  • We do not correct mistakes in search queries, but extend with alternative words and phrases as much as possible. That's why our solution have excellent relevance for mistaken or inaccurate search queries.

How it works

5sayer's algorithm do its best by finding goods by search query. In case of empty results, similar goods will be found, example: "Sennheriser HD670" doesn't exist, 5sayer will find goods with names starting with "Sennheriser HD".

How to integrate

Integration implies call to API endpoint from your server or application and displaying results with filters.